New collaboration with LetterPress Chocolate

We're excited to announce our new collaboration with LetterPress Chocolate.

Founded in 2014, LetterPress Chocolate is a small batch bean-to-bar chocolate company which features single-origin, and in many cases single-project cacao from around the world. With awards from Academy of Chocolate, International Chocolate, Good Food, Sofi, and Starchefs Rising Star Artisan it's astonishing to imagine it all started 5 years ago when LetterPress became the first bean-to-bar chocolate company in Los Angeles.

The collaboration

During the chocolate making process cacao beans from around the world are roasted and their shells are removed. This process also produces another by-product called fines. Both by-products, the shells and fines, were being thrown away. Recognizing the fragrant properties of the waste by-product we began to develop candles. After months of development we've finally arrived at our final product, regional chocolate candles

LetterPress Chocolate Regional Candles

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