Adopt a MILB Player - My Story


Fresh cut grass, crack of the bat, and the wonderful ballpark concession aromas.

These will all be missed by the millions who attend baseball games this year. Thousands of minor and major league baseball players will be at home without a season to play as well.

This has affected my life tremendously, I am one of those players without a season to play. For many, this can be detrimental to their careers and financial stability. Some make as little as $4000 in a season. Making ends meet with so many unforeseen expenses and little to no income can be daunting.

I have been a part of the baseball community ever since I was a little kid. So many fond memories out at the ballpark with my brother and friends playing the game I love. It pains me to hear stories of players unable to pursue their childhood dreams due to financial shortcomings.

We have partnered with Adopt A Minor Leaguer. A non-profit organization that helps aid and support minor league players during tough times like this.

Orville Andrew will be committing 20% of ALL sales using the promo code: BASEBALL, will be donated to Adopt A Minor Leaguer, to help guide players through these tumultuous times.

If you would like to adopt a minor leaguer yourself, head over and contact them at:

Thank you, 


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